Tuesday, September 30, 2014

$2 Tuesday sale - Seashore

It´s my first time joining a $2 Tuesday today, and I picked Seashore for my debut!

You can click on the ad above to go straight to my store, or you can scroll down and see cool layouts to inspire you :) I still don´t have a CT but my friend Annu, from Annusplace made a super cool layout with this kit. If I were you, I´d go to her blog to take a look not only on her inspiring layouts, but on her freebies and kits for sale too! She has some super cool stuff in there:

Cool, isn´t it? I confess that I didn´t imagined this kit used in a blocked layout before :) Click on the layout to go to Annu´s blog an live some love.

Here you have one from me:

Do you like it? Click on the preview and enjoy the sale:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Seashore - New kit by LW Designs!


I hope you´re having a great weekend! Today is a happy day here because the female kitties on the first litter I´m foster end their after-neutering treatment and soon will be ready to find their forever homes! And next weekend is our town´s Doctor Who convention, and I´ll be there selling stuff and taking awesome pictures to scrap!

Yesterday I released a new kit at my ScrappyBee. It´s called Seashore:

On making this kit my aim was to offer my costumer some brighter colors to scrap trips to the beach and to give some flexibility too! You can both make cool clustered layouts, since all the flowers and buttons are sepparate pieces, or have a blended/artsy feel, with hand-drawn elements, a super cute stamped shell, and fun blended papers. The solids have different textures from each other, so they look better stacked.

This is one of the layotus I made using this kit:

Seashore is 43% off till September 7th, 2014. You can buy it clicking here. Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Make me Smile - Charity Colab

My dear friend Vanessa, from Scrappiness Designs, made an awesome charity kit in benefit of the family of one of her dear CT memers and fantastic digiscrapper:, to help out with a very delicate family situation, and she asked for some designer´s help. I contributed with a very tiny portion of what is an awesome kit. The color palette is awesome, and super trendy, and I hope you´ll like this kit as much as I liked to make my small portion. It´s for sale at Scraps and Pieces and include, a total of 58 papers, 57 elements and 10 Journal cards, not all shown in this cute preview:

Buying this kit you´ll be helping a real family in trouble, and have a great kit that can be used in different styles of digital scrapbook. Purchase it here and have fun!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Day by Crescent Moon Designs

Don´t you wish your day had 48 hours, being 36 of sunlight? Well, I do. I have lots of fun stuff to show you, but so little time to write all the posts, argh :(

Well, today I´ll higlight a new kit by Crescent Moon Designs, called Summer Day. It has some super cute wordarts and very pretty drawn flowers (seems they´re a trend right now). And cute insects and a frog too. Well, see by yourselves:

I made a sample layout for this kit, using a blocked style to fit multiple photos in the same layout:

If you click on the picture to see the details, you´ll notice that the background behind the white flower is a paper from the kit too. It was originally on a background very similar to the one from the red rose picture, but the shadow looked weird so I deleted it. I also used a template by Karen Diamond.

If you like this kit, you can buy at the Crescent Moon Desings store at ScrappyBee or GoDigitalScrapbooking.

Have a nice weekend. I´ll bring other great news soon!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

LW Designs B-Day Madness at ScrappyBee

Is any of the kits at my ScrappyBee Store sitting on your wishlist? Wait no longer! To celebrate the first Scrappy Bee $1 Honey Days and my 30th birthday today, all kits and template packs are $1,00 each! It is at last 50% off!

I am also the designer behind this week Weekly Challenge at ScrappyBee Forums. And I gave you a birthday-themed prompt. If you want to join the challenge you need to scrap about your last birthday. Click here to go to the challenge topic. My sample layout was made with the Scrappy Mega Colab - Honey bear. And, of course, it´s not today´s layout - I finally scrapped my 29th b-day:

You can find the Honey Bear kit here - and it´s also July´s free with purchase kit. Since there are 77 products on the Honey Hive sale I bet it will be easy to pick your top ten for $10,00 and get the colab for free. It´s an awesome one, you won´t regret :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What is Happening at ScrappyBee

Have you seen the Honey Bees new collections? This month, we have a super cute collab, called Honey Bear:

The Honey Bear collab is ful of cute stuff - not everything is included on the colab previews. Also, it´s full of awesome neutral stuff, what makes this MEGA the kind of product that you´ll use over and over again. It´s free with purchases of 10,00 or more this month.

We also have our monthly honey pot. This month, several ScrappyBee Designers created goodies with the same color palette with a fishing theme. You must se how cute the submissions are:

This month, I joined the honey pot with a cute Mini-kit. While it´s still on the theme, I wanted it to have enough elements to make non-themed pages to. Here is my mini:

And here, a layout I made for my cat´s photobook with some of the mini pieces:

There are lots of other contributions to the HoneyPot, and all of them are priced 1,00 till June 7th. Take a look, for example, on Hook, Liner & Sinker collection by Crescent Moon Designs:

Don´t you think these fishing bears are cute? Well, I do! I hope to see you soon at ScrappyBee!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Luke, the lucky cat

May the 4th be with you!

Today is the Star Wars Day - the day where Star Wars fans all over the world show their love and appretiation for the George Lucas´ saga. I use to be in some kind of celebration, but this year I stayed at home - the biggest celebration in my town was the Star Was Run, a tematic street run at night. But it was on the other side of the city, I didn´t have a way to come back home after it... and well, I can´t run anyway :S

But, as it´s also iNSD I had fun anyway! And one of the pages I made this week was with an adorable picture that my husband took from our littlest kitty, which name is... guess what? Luke Skywalker! Although sometimes he behaves more like Anakin Skywalker, LOL. He and her sister, found me on my way to deliver a sign in the beginning of the year, and I simply could live those little fluffy things at the street, where someone abandoned them. They were just 40 days old or so back then... And they are more than adorable! Then, I was chatting with my geeky friends while I was setting up my craft booth in a geek event and one of then was with a Darth Vader´s action figure... Somehow I deceided at that moment to call them Luke and Leah Skywalker, and they have been rebels ever since, lol.

I made this layout for the iNSD template challenge from Love it, Scrap it at ScrappyBee (what? Haven´t you checked ScrappyBee iNSD challenges yet? Some of them are really easy, go to our forum now! If you´re too late for iNSD, we still have multiple challenges every month!). The kit I used is Feeling Lucky by Crescent Moon Designs:

It´s a fun Saint Patrick´s day because it is not like the traditional kits where everything is green. The papers are colorful and there are elements (like that cute rainbow and the coins pot) that, even being thematic, can be used for other kinds of layouts. They go very well with my cat´s pictures, for example.
Like everything at ScrappyBee, this kit is 50% off right now - but if you want it, run, because it will come back to regular price tomorow!

Happy Star Wars Day everybody!